Why Cardio Retro?

Fitness Classes in Suffolk for all ages and fitness levels

Fit-proof your current and future health with a cardio and strength workout and  fun, easy choreography.



Fit for the future

Options from super easy to challenging but always vigorous enough to meet current recommendations.  Future risks of heart attack, stroke diabetes and osteoporosis are significantly reduced by regular cardio exercise of this intensity.  Even if you do no choreography and walk on the spot you will still have engaged in a 4.5 mile brisk walk and burnt 400-750 calories. How do I know? I have a watch that tells me and so do others in the class!



Function for the future

Boost energy levels now and reduce mental health risks for the future.  The choreography is very easy with inspiration from around the world and retro music choices.



Maintain youthful presence
Strengthen, tone and sculpt the arms, waist and bottom now whilst developing protective strength, posture and stamina for the future.
Oh and if any more incentive is needed the blood flow to the complexion (typical when you exercise at this intensity) will help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes improve skin repair and add youthful colour.


Reduced risk of future falls as balance is improved by the dynamic directional content and reduced risks of infections as exercise stimulates the white blood cells (immune system) and moves lymph around the body.  Improved periperal blood flow (warm hands and feet) and better healing and  infection protection.