Fitness Classes in Suffolk for all ages and fitness levels

What is Cardio Retro?

Cardio Retro is an exercise class fusing dance-inspired aerobic fitness and fantastic music for a fat-burning cardio workout that is FUN and EASY TO DO!  Cardio Retro is a feelgood activity which changes an effective fitness activity into a fun workout to lift your spirits whilst you shape up!

I mix aerobics, retro moves and some strength work in all my classes for maximum motivation and maximum effect. Aerobics is a fat-burning, fatigue-beating cardio class with strength and toning focusing on problem areas plus stretch and mobility. The music is wider ranging than Zumba and includes retro, disco, rock, folk and even classical.


How much do the classes cost?

Most classes are £4.00 per class, pay as you go.


Where are your classes?

Martlesham Community Centre.  Cardio Stride classes take place outside, leaving from the village hall.


Do I have to book or can I just come along?

There’s no need to book, just come along. There is plenty of space, everyone is really friendly and you’ll have a great time.


I would like to ask a question.

No problem, call Julie on her mobile at 07484311491 or email julie.e.foster@outlook.com.


Who can do it?

Anyone of any age, providing you have a basic fitness level that would allow you to walk briskly for a minimum of ten minutes with ease.

Children are welcome – I am qualified to coach children but if they are under 16 they must be accompanied by a participating adult who takes responsibility for their health and safety in the hall.


I am very fit and would like to come with my friend who is unfit, will I get a workout?

Yes, there are beginners and advanced options throughout – if you choose the advanced options throughout it will be the equivalent of a 4-6 mile run. There are a very broad range of fitness levels in this class and no one will feel out of place whatever their starting point.


Will it help me lose weight?

Sustained aerobic exercise of this nature will burn fat effectively. Many slimmers who have previously gone to Rosemary Conley type classes enjoy dance cardio and/or aerobics. The music and style of exercise is good for self confidence.


I am embarrassed because I am overweight. Can I still attend?

There’s no need to be. With a friendly, mature teacher and lovely people attending, this is the class for you.


What should I wear?

Either normal work out gear (T shirt and leggings) or street dance wear.  For Cardio Stride you will need a high visibility or very brightly coloured top, as this helps facilitate social distancing.


What shoes are suitable for Cardio Retro?

Ideally a netball shoe or dance sneakers or a cushioned smooth soled walking shoe such as Ecco. Standard Trainers are ok to start with because they give you the cushioning, however running styles are unsuitable as they are designed with maximum  grip and to propel you forward whereas dance moves require sideways moves and turns which may aggravate  the knees if wearing running shoes.

For Cardio Stride you will need outdoor shoes with decent grip.


What should I bring?

I would recommend bringing a drink along, something that will refresh you after the class. If you have hand weights and want to use them for upper arm and back toning – bring them along to any of my classes as I will always include one or two tracks where they can be used.  If you want to buy your own Sports Direct in Ipswich or Amazon have them (0.5 kilos is enough for most people as when you move them it is the same as 3 times that weight. If you are advanced or use weights at the gym then 1 kilo might be a consideration.

For Cardio Stride you will need a 1m-long resistance band.  As the class takes place outdoors with social distancing, masks are optional.


My young daughter would benefit from the exercise but she is only 10 – can she come?

Yes, she will be made welcome and feel very comfortable. However her health and safety and behaviour is the responsibility of the participating adult with her during the class.


I have had an injury/surgery can I still do it?

Julie has a GP Exercise Referral qualification so she can advise you personally and support you.  Feel free to call on 07484311491 or email julie.e.foster@outlook.com.


Who is the teacher?

Julie Foster, a local businesswoman and mother of two who first qualified as an aerobic fitness instructor in 1987 and went on to qualify in circuit training, gym instruction, weight training, stress management, nutrition for exercise and NLP. She taught regularly privately and for Suffolk Council until 2000 when she had her first child. After a long gap she was motivated by the 80′s aerobics revival, the popularity of the Zumba Class Craze and an awareness of  the role of activity in weight management and the health of her own children she updated all her qualifications. She added Zumba (including Gold for seniors and Zumbatomic for children), Community Health and GP exercise referral.

Most of her classes are delivered at good quality community and education venues but she also teaches occasionally at private gyms including Ufford Park Spa, Ipswich Hospital and for Live Well Suffolk. Julie says”I think the reason that my classes are popular is that I offer a warm, friendly and empathetic approach, the steps are easy and I coach the steps using a microphone so that participants can relax and not worry about what comes next. I also have the knowledge and experience to offer options and adaptations so that those who are rehabilitating after injury, illness, surgery or childbirth can join in.”


Is it aerobics?

Aerobics retro, plus some Zumba and Bokwa influence and even a bit of a Strictly vibe.  I have moved on a bit from Zumba to include some strength and conditioning in the class and also to include more varied music including retro disco.  The choreography is EASY and I use a microphone at all classes so you do not need to remember any routines.


Why are you including some strength and toning in some of your classes?

I have a wide age profile in my classes from youngsters to ultra seniors. From the age of 35 muscle strength and bulk starts to deteriorate and accelerates from 50 onwards. The strength and toning (about 8 mins at the end of the class is specifically aimed at muscle strength and endurance). Stomachs, upper arms and backs are covered (the cardio takes care of the legs).